– Bygger ut ytterligare-

bongobongo_corkscrewnorthsh_bikepark leogang2009Vi fick detta press skickade till oss. Om du läser artikeln Salzburgerland förstgår du
att vi är sålda på Leogang. i Österike. Nu har de byggt ut sin prestigefylda park ytterligare.
Av att döma av bilderna ser det super sweet ut. Klicka på bilderna så bjuds det på film.

Finally it’s done: Everybody can shred Bikepark Leogang’s Bongo Bongo
trail. The trail splits up from the well-known “Flying Gangster” freeride trail.
Right before the big, Kona bridge, which is located half way down the
existing freeride trail, you have to make a sharp turn to the left to enter
the Bongo Bongo. The masters of course construction, the „HU
Cooperation“, did a great job. The Bongo Bongo looks a bit like a “small
BC” trail, featuring a whole bunch of northshore elements, bridges and dirt
berms. All located in Leogang’s forest. It’s your personal guarantee to
enjoy a lot of flow including small jumps and gaps. The Bongo Bongo is not
that technically challenging, but you should be a “little more experienced”
rider. Absolute beginners might have some problems with the new trail –
especially at wet conditions. To get a first impression, what the trail looks
like, please watch a short movie, click on the first picture.
The short clip shows about
80 percent of the Bongo Bongo and was filmed, when it was still under
construction. What you don’t see in the video: a northshore corkscrew


bongobongo_corkscrewnorthshore2_bikepark leogang2009obstacle including a small river gap that marks the end of the trail. To getsome more impressions about the Bikepark Leogang in general, please
watch the other movie. Click on picture nr 2:. This footage was
taken during the Opening Weekend and includes small segments of the
Bongo Bongo, the Flying Gangster and the Speedster (DH-track).
If you can’t wait to ride all these trails and at the same time want to share
your good times in the bike park, feel free to rent a ContourHD or POV.1.5
helmet cam at the shop located next to the valley gondola station. A
special CamTerminal is waiting for you to burn your runs on a DVD after
you filmed each run with the helmet cam. The fees are 25 Euros for two
hours and 50 Euros for the whole day. Not that much for having a unique
souvenir to share with the whole world online later.
For any further information please check out the Bikepark Leogang
website: www.bikepark-leogang.com.

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